Can my church rent the camp for a retreat, youth camp, leadership weekend, etc?

We would be thrilled to discuss this with you. We are an interdenominational organization and welcome Christian groups.

Can groups rent the camp if they are not a church group?

Call us and let’s discuss it. We have had Boy Scouts, family reunions, and business organizations rent the camp.

Are there service projects available for my youth or church to participate in during the year?

We have groups that help with specific projects throughout the year. Plus, a workday is held monthly. Another pair of hands is always welcome.

Do we have to rent the whole camp or can we rent only the buildings we need?

You will only rent the buildings you need for your group. We’ve had groups of 10 up to 300+.

Do we bring our own cooks/food?

No, we have that covered for you. By the way, it is the best food ever.